Owning a car is exciting and stressful at the same time. No matter where you live, thieves can strike without notice, taking valuables from your car or even the car itself. A car alarm system is a great way to protect the vehicle, your investment and any belongings in the car. Here are some advantages to having a car alarm installed in your vehicle.

Prevent Theft

One of the biggest advantages of an alarm system for your car is that it can help to prevent theft. Even if the alarm simply scares off a burglar, it did it’s job. The burglar might have been able to grab some items from the car before anyone heard the alarm, but it likely prevented anything else from being stolen or from the vehicle being stolen.

Silent Alarm

Some newer vehicles are coming equipped with a silent car alarm system. This means that there will be no horn sounding or lights flashing on the vehicle. Instead, when a potential break-in occurs, the vehicle owner will be notified via a mobile application on their smartphone. The owner can then call the police, who might arrive in time to catch the thief since the alarm did not scare him or her away from the car.

Lower Insurance Rates

It’s hard to believe but there are still vehicles on the road today that do not have car alarm systems installed in them. Because of this, the owner is likely paying a higher premium for their automotive insurance policy. Having an alarm system installed in your vehicle can lead to lower insurance premiums, which is a very popular advantage.

Monroe’s Garage can handle all of your car alarm system needs, no matter the make or model of your vehicle. The experienced staff at Monroe’s Garage can install any aftermarket alarm system in your vehicle.